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Making calculations of a mortgage repayment progress is a challenging mathematical job involving a lot of conditions and formulas. Even a simple 2-3 line mortgage calculator is sure to have a tough equation hidden behind its simple screen appearance. That’s exactly why calculators are there – to relieve borrowers of the stress and fear of making the complicated calculations and let them concentrate on the results only. However, the number of specialized mortgage calculators you have to use to analyze all the aspects of your mortgage plan, can be quite large – rate changes, insurance, extra payments etc. – usually require a separate calculator each to produce accurate results. Or rather, so it was, until now.

The recently released Mortgage Calculator is a rare type of mortgage calculating software that solely provides you with a month-to-month report about your repayment progress detailed with information about the rate, the principal and the interest payments, the extra payments, the totals per year, and the balance. The effect of the adjusted interest rate or extra payments will be immediately noticeable in the dynamically updated fields of the report. Fixed rate, adjustable rate and interest-only mortgages can be analyzed to their full extent, including the annual percentage rate.

The attractive and convenient interface of the program makes your experience pleasant and satisfying. For example, you can minimize unnecessary information blocks and focus your attention only on those really important for the mortgage you are analyzing. A complete repayment plan throughout the whole term of the mortgage is in front of your eyes in one expandable table. A single mouse click gives you access to any year of your mortgage and allows you to view the details on every month’s payment.

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  • Customizable and printable amortization schedule

  • Export to Excel, PDF, HTML and other formats

  • Office® 2007 Look & Feel

  • Several interface skins available

  • Easy switch between the active mortgage plans

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October 8, 2008

Mortgage Calculator 1.1

New Mortgage Calculator is available!

Estimate your mortgage payments with just a few mouse clicks.

Print or export your payment schedule to Excel, PDF, HTML and many other formats.





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