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HiDigit is a scientific calculator with extended capabilities for Windows®. This essential and powerful program works best for math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics and engineering students and even their teachers. One of the advantages of this calculator is a simple input format even for the most complicated scientific formulas. For example, you can enter 10pi instead of "10*pi". For complex numbers, you can use the following format - "1+2i". For percentages - "number + %". The other important feature of HiDigit is its high precision - up to 15 decimals for scientific calculations. The program features an impressive number of built-in formulas, functions, constants and coefficients. Importantly, the users can customize all of them or add their own variables. Also, the history of all actions is kept, so the users can come back and undo/redo any action at any time. Being a serious calculating software, it is extremely simple in use. No special computer skills or knowledge are required. The interface is straightforward and very easy to navigate through. The compact size of the calculator does not hinder the performance. To the contrary, the program can even be used by the multiple users simultaneously.
HiDigit comes with complete install/uninstall support. Best of all, it is distributed as shareware, meaning you can download a free trial version to test the program extensively before making a purchase. Start calculating now!

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Size: 1089 Kb
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Price: $19.95


  • 5 number systems (bin, hex, roman...)

  • 15-digit maximum precision

  • Scientific functions (trig, stat, fin...)

  • Customizable skin-supported interface

  • Complex numbers support

  • Custom constants and variables

  • Undo/Redo and History of calculations

  • Multiple interface languages


Scientific calculations... it's simple!
Scientific calculator
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Loaded. HiDigit is a scientific calculator with extraordinary capabilities, and for a first version application, Binary Things Development has done its homework on it. You don't have to be a student or machinist or architect to use it, but HiDigit's broad feature set is designed with math, algebra, calculus, geometry, physics, and engineering students and teachers in mind.

Zaine Ridling
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Copyright © 2003-2005 Binary Things Development


August 10, 2004

Romanian unit

Romanian translation for HiDigit is available.

Thanks to Marcel Laudatu!

February 21, 2004

French extension

It is ready to download a French speaking unit for the scientific calculator.

Thanks to David Hagnier!

January 23, 2004

Portuguese unit

Portuguese extension for the calculator is now available to download.

Thanks to Filipe Silva!

October 22, 2003

Bulgarian unit

Bulgarian extension for the calculating program is ready to download.

Thanks to Kiril Kirilov!

October 10, 2003

HiDigit 1.1

New release of the scientific calculator is available to download.

October 10, 2003

German extension

German speaking unit for the calculator is ready to download.





Scientific calculator for free


If you would like to help us translate interface of the calculator into your native language, you are entitled to a free registration of HiDigit.
Please contact us first, to make sure we need your help.

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